Wednesday, November 4, 2009

What's Best for Kids?

I had a discussion yesterday.  It involved the idea of online learning in our schools and I was shocked at what the other party was saying about the subject.  So, I'm now can we call ourselves educators if we aren't interested in providing the best opportunities for our students to succeed?

During this conversation, it occured to me that maybe what we need in education isn't more technology access as much as it is changing the perception of what technology means in our instruction and getting those who are respected members of the institution to understand how the power of technology can be harnessed.  I was reminded that it is human nature to fear that which we don't understand and perhaps my efforts to integrate technology into the classroom should be matched by my efforts to educate our teachers on the concerns that technology brings to our doors.

There's no reason to fear technology; there's a reason to fear technology when it is not used correctly.  Perhaps I should practice what I preach--look at my own level of self-efficacy.  Maybe I should be looking at what I can do better to educate our instructors on the wonders of technology, rather than getting frustrated with them for not seeing all the great learning that can be met with online learning?